About Me

Hello, I’m Michelle Kujawa and I’m here to tell you like it is, raising 6 kids and a husband all while attend College. I’m a mom who holds no punches but can also hold back when needed. One day I can make the best meal from scratch without using any recipes and the next day, I might be telling the kids to just make some Spaghetti O’s. Hey, it happens. Moms get busy, especially this mom. This isn’t your ordinary blog. I might curse and what not . Not one person can say they don’t curse, because to my kids, hell and damn are swearing. Parenting is hard and you will make mistakes. Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you drop an F bomb or 2.. 3 is my absolute limit… Haha J/K.  So you know a bit about me, so lets talk family. My Family consists of da da tada: my wonderful, truly amazing almost husband Eric and my 6 kids. Robin who is the oldest, next is Tyler, then Kelsey, Jarod, Aislynn ( and the only girl), and last and certainly not least Alexander ( Alex for short).  I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I like writing it.  Michelle K.

Disclosure: All posts are mine and are my own personal opinion. I will talk about various subjects but be aware anything I say is my personal take on the subject. These are my life experiences and how I deal with them in my own way. 


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