Wednesday, October 4, 2017

For better or for worse? It's a new dawn, it's a new day, Hell, I'm just trying to get through the week.

So a lot has happened since my last blog post, Life of a... Holy hell, am I coming or going?.. mom.  As you know I had reached a truly stressful time. I was watching 2 children ages 3 and 4 years old. Plus I was homeschooling my own children. Since we still have only one car, I'm the permanent chauffeur. So that means taking my husband to work and picking him up, take my other son to his job, and dropping off and picking up my 2 college kids since they don't drive. I have my own college classes to attend and as you know I had to drop one of the classes due to my extremely busy schedule.

Well a few things have changed since then. First off, my son lost is job but was able to get a new one last week. Fortunately, I no longer have to take him and pick him up from work. His friend who got him in to the company drives him, since they work the same shift.

I no longer watch the 3 year old named A. Mom came up with every excuse in the book why she couldn't pay me. That means I had to stop watching her, because I was already out over $500+. Sure I like to help people, but I don't like being taken advantage of. So, sorry, not sorry. I'm not watching your kid for free. Either pay me or services are terminated effective immediately. Obviously, she didn't pay.

I still watch L. Luckily it's only part time after school and Friday's are full days. I'm ok with that. She's a cool kid. Has some habits and manners that aren't the greatest, but hey, we are working on it. She no longer follows me into the bathroom. HAHA. Yes, that happened. We are currently working on sequencing stories, writing her name and of course, manners.

My 2 college kids are still attending school and getting pretty decent grades. I still have to drop them off and pick them up from school. I've falling into the routine so now it's a bit easier on me. Plus they have taken to walking (about 30 min walk) or taking the bus on some days, which makes it easier on me.

The 3 youngest are still being home schooled. Luckily, it's not me teaching because if it was, I think they'd be screwed. Sure I can teach, but I'm a former preschool teacher. I did not study to be a middle/ high school teacher. Anyway, because it's an online school they have Virtual learning classes in real time. It's just like going to a classroom and listening to a lecture by the teacher, except in this case your classroom is in your own home in front of a computer screen. Then once done with class, the teacher lets them go, and they then have to do a hour of homework. I'm really loving that we found this school. Yes, I know I'm gushing.

My husband still works at his job. He's plugging away the hours and setting a great example for the kids. He's a hard worker and I'm so proud of him. He will be having some changes soon within the company, but I will talk more about that in another blog post.

As for me, I'm attending my classes when I can. Luckily I don't have a set time that I need to attend class. I'm given a date that certain assignments or discussion boards need to be completed and that's it. Obviously, it's college work so it's pretty extensive. So far, I'm holding my own in the classes. The down side is because I've been so stressed about school  and home and jobs.. I think for the Spring semester I'm taking that time off. Right now not 100% sure, but I've been attending college since 2014. If I decide to go Spring Semester, I will definitely be taking Summer Semester off. I need time to breathe. I need to focus on me and my health. Plus, I just want to be able to spend more time with my kids. Nothing wrong with that, right?

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