Saturday, September 16, 2017

Life of a... Holy hell. am I coming or going?

 Everyone who knows me or reads my blogs knows I am a super busy woman. I'm a mom to 6 wonderful children and wife to a terrific man. I'm also a college student by day.... At least I was. You might be wondering what the heck does she mean by that? Is she no longer attending college herself? I assure you that hasn't changed at all. Just me schedule has changed. NOT just my school schedule but my entire schedule. How you ask? Well I started a new job and homeschooling my 3 youngest.

In a prior post of mine, The daily grind of this mom life, I had broken down my daily schedule of being a stay at home mom. My day is kind of like that except more chaos. See, my husband and I decided that we would home-school our kids. We were tired of the local school district not giving our kids the education they needed. There were way to many screw ups and we just felt homeschooling was the next course of action. Originally we had decided to home-school the 2 youngest, as the high- schooler still wanted to attend one of the local schools here. We were ok with that as long as the school district got their act together. Plus he had tons of friends and he didn't want to leave them. Well, when we had to do school schedule pickups. They completely fucked up his schedule. They gave him classes he didn't even sign up for. Classes he should have taken where removed and trying to get his schedule fixed was next to impossible. After that catastrophe, even he was done with the school district. He asked if he could be home-schooled as well. I was all for it but I had to move quickly do to school starting in less than 2 weeks. Good thing, I'm quick about these things, as he was able to be home-schooled after the paperwork was transferred over that following week.

Now, I want to make something perfectly clear... My kids are home-schooled but I don't teach them. Technically they go to an online public charter school. It's not in our district but it is a Wisconsin public school. What my husband and I love about this school is that they keep us informed. We can check our kids progress and see what assignments have been turned in and grades received. We can see what homework is due on any given date, even dates due in October and November. We can see exactly what homework was turned in and any comments the teachers gave. The school sends us copies of the emails sent to the kids as well. I could go on and on about this school. Yes, I love it that much!

With that being said, you might be wondering how that pertains to my schedule changing. Well, see it's first time the kids are going to school online. It does take some getting used to. So I decided to take my classes online as well this semester. This would ensure I would be home if they should need any help. I signed up for 4 courses and was happy as a clam. I have 2 other sons who are starting college as well, at the same school as me, just they are doing on campus classes. I thought, no biggy. I can take them to and from school since it's not far and still be home for the others kids.

Now here's the kicker. I wanted to make some extra side money, so I thought, "hey, I will become a before and after school driver for a parent who needs it. I can make a few extra bucks and still be home for my kids and still won't interfere with my own school schedule."

So I took on a client and we will call her daughter L. She needed after school pick up and care for about 2.50 hours Mon- Fri and all day care from 7-5:30pm.... I thought, no worries. I'm usually quick to get my course work finished. I will be in class while my kids are in class. I CAN DO THIS!

Then my friend contacts me about needing after school pick up for her children. I look over my schedule and see that I can pick up L first and then still make it across town to get her kids. It still won't interfere with my schedule.

Then I get contacted by another mom who needs before school and after school care for her daughter A. Kicker is she only goes 9 until 11:30. I think to my self. This mom needs help. She has no one to watch her daughter. I've been there, so I sympathize and agree to take her on. Well, then the shit storm starts because guess what? The school district messed up her schedule and didn't admit her as a student, they put her on the waiting list but gave her a teacher and class that she never had to begin with. So know she needed all day care. I couldn't exactly say no because I had already committed to watching her.

So now, I realize, what the actual fuck did I get myself into. I can't do my courses during the day like I wanted to. I can't sit and help my own kids with their school work because I'm watching someone else's kid. I start freaking out but I try to calm my nerves as best as I can.

Then a receive a message that my friend now needs before school drop off for her kids. Yes, I can say I freaked out. I started crying because, how am I going to handle all of this. I have to watch a 3 year old all day. I have to pick up and drop off kids before and after school. I have to watch a 4 year old part days. I have to my own 2 boys to their college classes and still find time to do my own college classes. I have 3 home-schooled children that are still learning the ins and outs of online school... Oh and not to mention the fact my husband now works open to close at his 7 days a week. And I really do mean 7 days a week, no time off and no overtime pay either. Plus we still only have one car, so I'm also his daily driver.

Here's just my daily driving schedule:

7:30am - 8:10am
9:10am - 10:00 am
11:00am - 12pm
2:20pm - 4:10pm
8:45pm- 9:30pm

This brings me to now. I'm finally able to get a day when I can write on my blog. It feels good to get all that pent up emotion out. My kids are understanding how the online school works but they still need help. My 2 college kids have taken to either walking or taken the local bus system when I am unavailable. As for my schooling, I do it in spurts when I can. Unfortunately I did have to drop 1 of my courses because my schedule was just damn full. I also am unable to really give it my all this semester. My day starts 5am and ends at 9:30pm. I'm passed out by 9:45pm before realizing I never got the laundry down, forgot to straight the living room up, and even forgetting to do my own school work.

I'm really hoping that the next few weeks will calm down enough so I can get a better routine in. I did tell my husband that next year, I AM NOT, watching any kids or doing school runs. My education and spending time with my own children was, and should not be put on the back burner, do to watching someone else's children.

What would you do if you had all this on your plate? Tell me in the comments section below what your thoughts are on this subject.

Best Wishes,


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