Monday, August 28, 2017

Bic Gel-ocity Pens

I hoard pens. There I said it. Cat's out of the bag. I can't help it. I see a pen and I need it. It's probably because I always have to write stuff down and can never find a pen anywhere. Could I use a pencil? Sure but then I have to make sure that it's sharpened and has a working eraser on it. I probably should have a pencil sharper just in case the tip breaks. See why it's so much easier to just a pen and write. I was asked to try out Bic's new brand of pens called Gel-ocity. Let me tell you my love for pens went to an all new level. Epic proportions of love.

These pens glide so smoothly over paper, I swear it was like buttering the perfect slice of bread. The colors really made my notes stand out. Being a college student this came in handy.  It was nice to label each section of my notes with different colors as it helped when I was studying for my exams.

I was sent a picture to color or basically have fun with and boy, did I ever!! The colors never bleed into each other nor did it bleed through the paper. It was crazy! What's even better is that it never smudged. Yes, you heard that right. It never smudged once!!!

I am completely astounded by these pens and can't wait to buy the rest of the colors to make my set complete. If you love pens as much as I do, you will love these Bic Gel-Ocity pens. They will definitely make your collection complete.

I received these pens from Smiley360 for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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