Friday, July 14, 2017

Finally getting Hitched! How I'm pulling off my wedding in less than a month and on a tight budget.

As everyone knows, I have been engaged to be married for awhile now but my fiance' and I had never really set a date. As a couple we just naturally introduced each other as husband and wife in all aspects of our life. With all the stress and chaos in our lives a date for our wedding just kept getting pushed to the side. Approximately 2 weeks ago, we decided that we just really needed to make our marriage legally official without all the hoopla involved in planning a big wedding. So a small, simple ceremony was decided upon. We would only invite our immediate family and our best friends. We would have no more than 25 people in attendance and keep it as affordable as possible. Oh and I have less than a month to plan it, since we set the date for August 4th of 2017.

Could I really pull it off? Well, I for one think I can. I reserved a beautiful gazebo that sits right by Lake Michigan. It cost me $50 to rent it for 3 hours. Since we are not going all outrageous there is no need for music, chairs, tables, and alcohol. It's literally a ceremony, some pictures and maybe some cake eating. Nothing huge. So anyway, $50 for 3 hours and a great backdrop is perfect for us. Our officiant is a friend of the family. He charges anywhere from $100 to more depending on the ceremony type. We are doing a sand unity ceremony. My colors are cornflower blue and mint. Basically blue and green. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 2 containers of sand, and 2 ready made boutonnieres, and a few pins. I was ecstatic when I saw that everything wedding was 50% off. The sand was $1.50 each, the boutonnieres were $1.50 each and the pins $1.00. I want to make my own bridal bouquet but sadly they didn't have the right colors. So, I tried Michael's. They had some lovely ready made bouquets but sadly they were just too dark for me. All fall colors were coming out and I didn't want that. I also needed a container to put the unity sand in but I couldn't find one I liked.

 I left empty handed. I went to pick up Eric from work to show him what I had bought and arranged in just one day. Upon pulling out the unity sand for closer inspection,  I realized I had bought 2 different shades of blue. I looked every where for green unity sand, even on Hobby Lobby and Michael's website. I came up empty. I realized I would probably have to shop Amazon to find what I needed, especially since I still couldn't find the correct flowers I wanted. After looking around for a bit, I found a 22oz bag of mint colored unity sand for $11.97. Yes a bit more than I wanted to pay but hey, it was the color I needed. I also figured while I was at it look at some flowers for bouquets or ready made bouquets. I found so many ready made bouquets, it made my head spin. I put a ton of the bouquets in my cart so I could look a bit closer at them later. I also still needed to be on the look out for some type of container to put the sand in.

 Eric decided it was his mission to find that unique item that seemed to be out of our reach. After some intense searching on his part, he found an hourglass. Yes, that's right an hourglass that you can fill with your own unity sand for your wedding ceremony. He found it on Oriental Trading company and it was $29.99. With shipping it came to $39.98. Not to bad, since this is going to be with us forever. With that item taken care of I needed to get back to the ordering flowers business. I went through each of the bouquets that I had put into my cart. It was decided I would purchase 2 bouquets for $13.99 each. I also needed a clip for my hair and I found a perfect one for $9.98. I bought the unity sand, 2 bouquets and the hair clip for a total of $34.04 due to my prime membership and using my rewards points from my Amazon credit card. Now, I still have to pay my officiant and apply for our marriage license which are $100 each, plus Eric wants to buy a new shirt for the big day. As for me I already have my dress so no need to go out and buy a new one. Bonus, I'm making either a cake or cupcakes for our wedding day, which is saving us money there too.

Here's my items and cost so far:
2 containers unity sand, 2 boutonnieres, and a package of pins Cost: $7.35
Gazebo rental Cost: $50
Hourglass container for Unity sand Cost: $39.98
22 oz of Unity Sand, 2 Bouquets, and 1 flower hair clip Cost: $34.04

Items still needed:
Officiant Cost: $100
Marriage License Cost: $100            
Eric Shirt Approximate Cost: $30
Cake Cost: I'm making it

Total running cost:

I'm not posting pictures of the items ordered as those are surprises. If you want to know specifics you can definitely email at anytime.

Too me that's not to bad. Sure I could ditch the flowers and the hair clip but it is our special day. I can definitely organize a wedding in less than a month and under a $500 budget.

What kinds of ways did you save for your wedding day?  Was it a big wedding or small wedding? Tell me in the comments area below!


  1. Holy smokes!! You are my inspo!! Within a month and under $500 is such an amazing feat. Will you share your wedding day? And congratz btw!

  2. Congrats on your wedding! That's awesome how you were able to pull it off with such a budget! Mine was unfortunately way more expensive than I would like :/