Friday, June 2, 2017

Oh, what a week!

This past week was a really stressful yet, kind sort fun week. By now I'm sure you know me pretty well. Basically I'm always on go and never really have moments to myself. Monday of last week, the 22 to be more precise, I had my night class. I had a pretty decent day. Then Tuesday happened. My daughter was complaining early that morning her ear hurt. I was a little worried, but checked her temperature and no fever. I thought maybe she slept on it wrong, but told her that if it still hurt after school we would go to the doctor. 

When I picked her up from school, I could immediately tell she was in pain. She complained she could now not hear out said ear and it hurt so bad, even when she talked. I, of course, was kicking myself for just not keeping her home. I took her to the doctor office straight away and after a 2 hour wait we finally get called back. The doctor comes in a looks at her ears and sure enough the ear she is complaining about is completely infected. It wasn't just her middle ear, it was the ear canal too. She needed to get some ear drops in her ears for healing. We spent another 30 mins in the office. Afterwards we still had to pick up her antibiotics from the pharmacy. Oh what a lovely night that was.
Getting here ear drops in
It amazes me that they have a soda machine in the waiting area.

Taking her medicine
Yep, 2 containers

Come Wednesday morning, I knew the day was going to be bad. My depression and anxiety were trying to rear their ugly heads. I had school but ultimately I had to call off because I couldn't shake the depressed feeling. I had totally forgot about my son's concert and my husband was working in another city that day too. What sucked is that he gets out of work at the same time my son's concert started. I simply can not be in 2 places at once. (we only have one vehicle) Luckily, one of my son's friends, asked his mom if they could give him a ride. Bless their hearts. As luck would have it, my husband was able to get out an hour early from work. I thanked god for small miracles. 

Ready for the concert

Before the concert began, the PTA was doing a 50/50 raffle. I had $5 to my name and figured, hey why not. If I win, great! If I didn't, it's ok because half of that is going to the school. The concert was wonderful. I had so much fun. Then comes the raffle. Was I about to win big? Alas, it was not to be. I thought ok, I never win these things anyway, so no biggie, when all of sudden they pull a surprise move. Turns out they had raised enough money in a prior raffle that they could offer a second prize. The prize was 4 tickets to Burlington Chocolate Fest. (2 adult and 2 kids) They start yelling out the numbers and would you freaking believe it, I won! I could not believe it. I had to double check the numbers, as I was in shock. I looked like my dreary day had turned around.

Thursday was my homework day and online class. I went about my day. My hubby arranged his schedule at work so that we could go to the festival since, it was literally that weekend. We also made arrangements to meet my Best Friend and her family there. It was decide we would all go on Saturday. The day went smoothly until my son got bit by a dog. Yep, he was at his friend's house and her dog bit him in the face. I rushed out of the house to get him and drove him straight the E.R. After about an hour we were seen and luckily he did not need any stitches. He did though require a precautionary course of antibiotics. I thought to myself, "What a week!" I could not wait for Saturday to get here. I needed some fun!
Did I over react? 

My kids had no school on Friday, so we played some games and we did a little question and answer session. (This was very fun so, I decided to make another blog post about it) Honestly this was a pretty chill day. I learned a lot about more about my children and in turn they learned more about me. I loved it and to be honest, I wish we had more of this. 

It's Saturday, finally!!! We leave fairly early in the day and it was a nice drive. We ended up parking a ways down the street to avoid the mass amount of traffic. On our walk to the fairgrounds we see and artists' fair by the lake. I really wish we would have stopped to browse but my kids wanted to get to Chocolate fest. We spent a bit of time browsing, just taking in the sites. We ate lunch under a tree and watched some of the events. We then met up with my best friend and family. We spent the remainder of the night chatting away and letting the kids have fun watching sundae making contests, chocolate craving contest, and even a game show. It was a blast and probably the most fun I've had in a while.

Road Trip!

Now that's how you drink a Slushie!

Sundae making contest

To be perfectly honest, with my depression doing its damnedest to really bring me down, I had a pretty great week. Sure there were a few bumps along the way, but ultimately, I didn't let those situations get the best of me. I prevailed and waved my fist at depression saying, "Take that. I won't go down with out a fight."


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