Saturday, June 3, 2017

It's time to play 20 questions, with your host... ME!!!

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Last week my two younger children had the day off from school. I put my school work on hold to give them my undivided attention. We played some games, watched some TV, did some chores and finally had a mini chat session. They wanted to play 20 questions, but instead of some object they had to guess at, they wanted to know more about me. I was quite surprised, and was glad to play along, provided that I asked them the same questions. Tit for tat, shall we say.Sometimes we got stumped on what to ask so we had to browse the old "net" for ideas. So let the 20 questions begin! {cue drum drum}

Aislynn is 14, Alex is 11. First I ask the questions and then they get to ask the same of me..

What is you favorite color?
Aislynn: Purple
Alex: Mine is green
Me: My favorite color is green but I do like purple too.

What makes you sad?
Aislynn: When I see animals die in movies.
Alex: Loss of family.
Me: When my family is going through hard times.

What makes you happy?
Aislynn: Being with my family
Alex: Family
Me: My family. My children and husband make me extremely happy.

What do (did) you want to be when you grow (grew) up?
Aislynn: Either an artist or a you-tuber. I want to inspire people
Alex: Besides a you-tuber, I want to be someone who helps animals.
Me: I wanted to be a teacher.

If you could change one thing about your life what would it be and why?
Aislynn: Lying, because I get into trouble because of it. It's also disrespectful.
Alex: Sorry, that's to hard
Me: This is hard but I'd say staying in school when I was younger. If I did that, things might have gone down a different path.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Aislynn: Fire coming out of your fingers. Gotta light campfires somehow.
Alex: Um, probably having speed because then I can out run my friends and finally win at kick ball.
Me: Another hard one. I'd say being able to read thoughts. I'd like to know what people really think about things.

What is your favorite movie?
Aislynn: Epic, but Tangled is a close second.
Alex: That would be Max. It's really sad but really happy.
Me: I can't choose just one. I love The Breakfast Club, Grease, and Dirty Dancing.

What's the hardest thing about being a child (adult)?
Aislynn: Dealing with my brothers.
Alex: The hardest part is homework.
Me: Having to pay all these bills.
Aislynn: Yeah, we are expensive.
Alex: Huh? You had to pay for us. {He was deeply confused and thought I had to pay someone to let him live here}
Me: {laughing} No, Alex. I didn't pay for you. It just costs a lot of money sometimes to run a household of this size. You will learn when you are older.

What was the best gift I (we) ever gave you?
Aislynn: The gift of being born
Alex: The best gift you gave me was family and love.
Me: You gave me you. You all are my greatest gifts.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Aislynn: I would donate it to find a cure for cancer, then give some of it to starving homeless people, then the rest of it I will save for my family.
Alex: Buy what I need and donate the rest.
Me: I would help out family, especially the ones who helped me out in my times of need. I would buy a house that's big enough for all of us and another car. I would donate to charities, especially ones who deal with poverty and being homeless. I would also put money aside to save because you never know what could happen and I want to make sure my family is provided for.
Alex: Wow mom. that's a lot.
Me: That's because I want to make sure you have everything you need.

What do you think my job is? (What do you do for a job)?
Aislynn: A stay at home mom and a blogger
Alex: Your job is to keep us safe and take care of us.
Me: I'm a stay at home home but remember I do go to school like you guys too. Yes, I write on my blog but my main job is being a mom to you and making sure you all are safe and provided for.

What is your favorite Disney movie?
Aislynn: Frozen and Mulan
Alex: I don't have a favorite.
Me: That's easy! Beauty and the Beast.

Which celebrity chef would you most like to fix you a meal?
Aislynn: Chef Gordon, because you watch all the Junior Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen.
Alex:I don't know any.
Me: Gordon Ramsay because he is hilarious.
Aislynn: I like when he yells at people but he doesn't yell at the kids though. That's cool.

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?
Aislynn: The musically headquarters and Disney World.
Alex: California because you don't have to wear long sleeve shirts and you can go to the beach a lot.
Me: Anywhere with my family having fun.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Aislynn: My attitude, I want to have more of a positive attitude.
Alex: My hair. It's kind of long.
Me: I'd have to say my hair. It's to thin and baby fine. I can't do anything with it. Even getting a hair cut never turns out well.

What is something I (we) always say to you?
Aislynn: Do your chores and clean your room.
Alex: That you love us.
Me: It wasn't me. "insert name" is bugging me.
Alex: I don't do that
Me: Um, Alex... You kind of just did it.

What is your favorite food?
Aislynn: Chicken and broccoli lo mien 
Alex: My favorite food is spaghetti and salad.
Me: Pineapple pizza and ice cream.

Do you like your name? 
Aislynn: Yes, because my first name means dream and my middle name means reborn. i think it's kind of cool.
Alex: Yes, because Alexander was a King. Wasn't he Greek or something?
Me: Not really. To me it's very plain and doesn't stand out.

What type of music do you like to listen to?
Aislynn: Pop. I like Descendants "Ways to be wicked"
Alex: I like country music and rock
Me: I like all kinds of genres but I really can't listen to rap very much. I only like certain rap music.
Alex and Aislynn: What's a genre? Yeah, what is that?
Me: It's a type of music or style.
Aislynn: So, what kind of rap music will you listen to?
Me: Eminem, The Weeknd, Drake

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
Aislynn: That I was famous, that I had the musically app, and that I had a great sense of style in fashion.
Alex: First wish is to have a nice house, second wish is to have all that we need, and my third wish would be winning the lottery.
Me: First to win the lottery with no hidden agendas. Second is that my whole family will always be healthy. My third wish, is for people to stop fighting and bashing each other, especially over trivial issues. 
Alex: uh what does that mean?
Me: I want peace, Alex. I want true world peace.

Some of these questions were kind of simple, while a few of them had a deeper meaning to them. I know my children are older and that's why I have inquisitive questions in there. It's meant to make them think. If, I'm being quite honest, I was surprised by some of their responses. A few of their answers, you could tell were very heartfelt. That made me feel really good as a mom. It shows that they really listen and I taught them some really deep values. I think that every parent should have a question and answer with their kids, no matter their age. This goes for having your own Q & A session with your own parents. I'm quite sure you will be deeply surprised on what their answers are. Go ahead. Give it a shot. You have everything to gain by it and nothing to lose. 


  1. What a cool thing to do with your children. Im copying this to do with mine. I live the idea of putting in inquisuture questions as you put it.

    1. Thanks :) When I started the Q & A session I really thought their attention would wane and their answers be kind of out there. I was really surprised on how deeply they thought of their answers. It was definitely an eye opener for me.

  2. What a great idea! Such a tangible way to be present with your kids for a few minutes out of the day. I also like it because every person likes to be known and this is a great way to do it with your kids in a way to grab their attention!

  3. This is really cool! My favourite movie is also beauty and the beast. Asking your kids these questions is really interesting! I think I will try asking my kids these questions too!

    1. You really should :) I'm sure you will be surprised at their answers!

  4. Lovely idea! awesome questions:) I need to keep it in mind when my boy will be older:)

    1. Thank you very much! I love that you can tailor the questions to the child's age :)

  5. So cool. What a nice way to learn about each other!

    1. Thank you :) It was very interesting to hear their answers.