Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The daily grind of this mom life

Well, it’s been about a week since I last posted anything. In that weeks’ time it has been pure chaos. I’m taking 3 classes on my college campus and 2 classes online. Trying to make the time for all the classes and do homework is just exhausting in itself. I’m either racing to a class, logging onto a class or leaving a class to attend a class. If I’m attending a class online or in person, then I’m trying to make time for homework. Factor in the fact that we have one car, and it’s literally a nightmare. Oh and let’s not forget that not one of my kids drive, so that has to be taken in account for the day. Especially since one currently works, one is currently looking for work, and another is set to join the workforce soon. Let’s not leave out the fact, I belong to multiple school organizations and clubs. Not only that, one of the requirements for a few of my classes is to get some field work. Go me. Yes, that was sarcasm at it’s finest.

I think the average person would go insane on the schedule, my family and I have. Here’s an “average” week:
5am: Jarod up to get ready for school
5:30am: Kelsey up to get ready for school
6am: Eric up to get Aislynn and Alex up and ready for school
6:30am: Kelsey and Jarod leave for school ( they walk )
7:20am: Eric drives Aislynn and Alex to school ( School is clear across town )
8:10am: Eric arrives home and if I’m not up already, he will wake me up.
9:15am: Eric and I will leave so he can get to work.
9:45am: We arrive at Eric’s work. I make the trek home.
10:15am: If I am making a crock pot meal, I would start it now. Log onto my online class. Complete 2 discussion posts, answer 3 questions from instructor, start assignment for the week. In the meantime one of my older kids as awakened from the depths of his bedroom.
12:15pm: Take a break from online class. By now both Tyler and Robin are awake. Tyler will be getting ready for work. Robin will hopefully be looking.
12:45pm:  Back to my online class to respond to my discussion posts, other students posts or to the question and answer post. Continue doing assignment for class.
2:30pm: Leave to go visit Eric at work for a bit. Usually will bring him dinner ( if I remember )
3:20pm: Need to go pick up my kids and my friend’s 2 boys from school
3:40pm: Drop friend’s kids off at their house
4:00pm: Drop my 2 kids off at home. If I made a crock pot meal, I tell them to eat and make sure to put it away and clean up. Otherwise it’s usually leftovers. They then need to do their homework, get any chores done, brush their teeth and shower, and in bed at their bedtime. I now have to race to class.
4:20pm: Class begins. Will be in this class for the next 4 hours.
8:20-8:30pm: Class has ended. I can’t go home as Eric will be out of work soon
9:00pm: Eric is out of work. We still have to get my son from work. We could drive back home for a bit but it’s across town. By the time we get home, We would just need to turn around and go back. The problem is he doesn’t get out of work until 11pm.
9:15pm: Arrive at Tyler work and twindle our thumbs are the next 2 hours as nothing is open. Maybe we can nap for a bit. Ultimately Eric and I will talk about whatever. We don’t care, we hardly seen each other all day.
11:00pm: Tyler is out of work finally. Time to head home.
11:30pm: Arrive home but not 100% tired. Eric and I will snuggle in bed and watch something on tv.
12-12:30am: Finally are starting to fall asleep. Hopefully we will have had a good nights rest as the day will start back up in a few hours.

 Now, That was just a regular Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday I have 2 daytime classes on campus. Those are from 10:30-1:30pm. Once done with class, I rush home to check my first online class and my Monday class is not only a campus class but an online class, so I need to check that quickly also. Once 2:30pm comes around its basically like my Monday except when we get home at 4pm, I will make dinner. I will do homework needed to be finished for my online class, and start any homework needed for my on campus classes. If I need to pick Eric up I will leave around 8:30pm and of course by now you know the drill. Sometimes Eric will get to leave at 5pm so on those days, I will get the kids from school and go to the park for a hour, then go to get Eric. If Tyler need to be picked up, Eric will leave to get him at 10:30pm.

Thursday is yet another online class. The only thing different is I don’t have any on campus classes to attend. I will try to finish up any discussion posts, question/ answer posts, and homework that may be due soon. Now we come to Friday… Well Friday is supposed to be my relaxing day. It isn’t. I don’t have any classes on this day either, so I will do any homework needed and hopefully get a start on the following weeks homework. The great thing about having an online class is that you can log on pretty much anytime you choose. If I decided not to log in on Monday for the class, I can always log in on Friday. The one drawback is that the discussion posts and homework are still due on that following Monday. So in a sense it’s basically better to just get it done right away.

Now that may or may not seem busy to anyone but that’s not even factoring in doctor/dentist/vision appointments. Let’s not forget the grocery shopping that’s needed. Oops forgot about all of the chores to keep the house clean and functioning smoothly. Not to mention any of the kid’s extracurricular activities that we need to attend too. Oh wow, I totally forgot. My own school clubs and organizations. Those are weekly things too. Wow, I haven’t even talked about Saturday and Sunday. I’m sure you can guess how that goes.

I think, things may go a bit smoother when we are able to purchase a second vehicle. Plus school will be in session for just a few more weeks. Once that happens, we can sleep in a bit and I won’t have to do as much running around kid wise. Don’t get me wrong. I may be extremely stressed most days and want to pull my hair out but I love my crazy hectic life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Editor's note: It was brought to my attention about why I sleep in and my husband brings my kids to school in the morning. First off, he is my husband and as such takes part in all aspects of raising kids. Also I suffer from mild depression plus anxiety and, as such, I have difficulty sleeping. My mind is always on and it's difficult to turn it off. I usually toss and turn at night, sometimes waking up at 2 am and can't go back to sleep or it can take me until 2 or 3 am to first fall asleep. My sleep is very restless and I have a prescription to help me to the land of slumber but because I have a class at night, plus having to drive at night to pick my husband and son up from work, it's not feasible to even take it. So, Eric lets me sleep in just a bit so that I can function properly throughout the day.

Best Wishes, Michelle


  1. Wow. I'm tired just reading this! Just be proud you're bettering yourself with schooling. Hope it's soon done for ya!!!

    1. My schedule makes me appreciate my lazy days even more. I'm definitely proud of myself for going back to school, unfortunately I have 2 more years of this, and then another 2 years as I want to get my bachelors degree as well.