Friday, May 19, 2017

More love, less violence.

Admit it. You wake up and read your newspaper or log onto your computer almost right away in the morning. Sometimes you have a cup of coffee to go with your daily read. It's a natural habit. What's also become a daily thing to read about besides the weather is child abuse or neglect of some kind. It sickens me to read the news lately. What's going to bother me more is when I have to go out in the field due to the Human Services degree I'm seeking. I will keep this post as short and sweet as possible.

It's just something weighing on my mind and I need to get it out. I read a report on 2 girls who were neglected so badly, they had, what was described as infected sores on the scalp, hair "moving" due to the infestation of head lice, rotting teeth and smelling so bad the odor is described as "rotting meat". A teacher stepped in and contacted social services. Of course the parents are denying any wrong doing. This to me is shameful. I'm not blaming the teacher but, to be honest, I wonder why it took so long for anyone to step in to help these children. I wish I could find more information on this case but I hope the parents got what was coming to them, some pretty lengthy jail time.

Today while on Facebook another news feed pops up. A couple in Florida is being charged in their 13 month old daughters death. The cause: Starvation. The baby was apparently 7 lbs and wearing 3 month old clothing. The dad told law enforcement, "there's no law that says I have to hold my daughter." This couple is not due to be tried until January 2018 and authorities are seeking the death penalty.

Now, I'm pissed off at the whole freaking damn world. Mostly due to the fact, I want more kids. I would gladly have another baby if I could. I got my tubes tied during my first marriage and have regretted it ever since. My husband is only a step dad to my kids, and doesn't have any of his own. If we could afford the process we would go all in to get my tubal ligation reversed or even do IVF. The problem again is the cost. Everything is so expensive, it's ridiculous. Then you hear about all these child abuse/ child neglect cases and you just want to yell and scream, " If you don't want your kids, I'll take them!"
That brings me to fostering and adoption. I get all the rules and regulations. I really do. What kills me though are all the hurdles you have to jump through to even get looked at for possible fostering/ adoption. It just bugs me that I have 6 kids and you want me to prove I'm a fit parent or that I have enough space for another kid.

 Well let me see? If I happened to get pregnant, I'd have to make space somehow in my house, now wouldn't I? Not to mention they want references on you being a good parent, like it's kind of job interview. Plus, again the costs.. OMG the cost is outrageous. Please, I'm begging anyone who will listen.. I'm not saying to let everyone be foster or adoptive parents, but to please make it, so parents like me,who want more kids are able to. Don't continue making it impossible for us to foster or adopt. We have so much love to give as parents, as a family.  To be able to have another child in our lives, would be the greatest gift ever.

Best wishes, Michelle


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