Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mom's day off

What happens when a mom gets next to nothing in sleep the night before? Nothing. That's right not one damn thing. I slept poorly last night. Not just poorly.. I'm talking about not enough sleep, I tossed and turned so much. I probably looked like a fish with out water, flopping every which way last night. I did have quite a bit on my mind, so you know, that didn't really help.

I think I probably fell asleep about 4am but that damn blasted alarm went off at 6am. I never wanted to murder something so badly. Luckily I didn't have to do that as my knight in shining armor, aka the hubster, wakes up to get the kids ready for school. I finally fall into such blissful sleep.. Aaaahhh it was glorious, until the man decides to wake me up, saying I could sleep in. That's right! He woke me up, to tell me to sleep in. I'm still pondering that. Anyways he tells me I sleep in, because he knows I had a hell of a night. He will take the car to work. When his employee gets in he will leave to get the kids from school, and bring them to work with him for a bit, since he actually has an early night.

Can you guess what happened next???? I couldn't fucking go back to sleep. I was up. There is no going back to sleep for me I guess. Oh well, what shall I do today? On my agenda was get stuff ready for the rummage sale, search recipes for dinner tonight, fill out some paperwork for the kids school, clean the house, log into my online classes, start on homework, make more soaps and body scrubs for my little side hobby, and I'm quite sure 20 million other things. I had no car to go anywhere, so I was home bound.

Do you want to know what I accomplished? Not one damn thing. Yes, I put everything off. I figure it's rare when I don't have to drive to one place or another.. It's rare when I don't have to be somewhere by a certain time or attend some type of function. I figure why race around and work myself up in a tizzy. I'm sleep deprived so trying to do any homework is a lost cause. Especially since the instructor cancelled class this week, so we have no idea how to do the homework that was assigned over email. The reason I say we, is because, a few of my classmates from that class are also in my other classes. They told me they didn't understand it either.  Anyways, homework is out for the day.

I can't get the rummage sale stuff together because it's all in the basement, and let's face it. I need help bringing it up and going through things. It's definitely not a 1 person job. I did manage to fill out the kids school paperwork stuff and search for a few dinner recipes. Did I clean my house? HELL NO, I DIDN'T!  My house is actually clean already, I think I can take a day off from that. I did log into my online class, but there were no updates. I can check that later tonight. I haven't attended to my soap hobby today either.

So, again, what did I do today? I did not one damn thing today and I'm quite proud of that. It's not everyday that mom gets to call off on her daily duties. It's these rare days of doing nothing, that I'm able to really sit back and replenish my soul, so that I can fully appreciate the crazy life I have.

Best Wishes, Michelle


  1. Well yay for hubby giving you a day off like that just because, next time he should let you know with a sticky note in the screen of your phone or something. It is nice whenever you take a day off, i personally do it weekly by myself, since no one offer to take care of my things i take sundays for me, and lay and watch tv and do nothing all day xD

    1. LOL I know right??!!! Let me sleep in. For the love of all that is holy, let me sleep. You are right, he could have left a sticky note on my phone. :)