Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sesame Street scores again

Awesome job Sesame Street! I'm so effing proud of you. If you don't watch Sesame Street, then you are missing out. My children loved that show and honestly even at their ages, they still do. They talk about so many issues that society deals with and I think that's terrific. The latest cause they took on is autism. They introduced a character named, Julia. What's special about Julia, is that she has autism. Big Bird doesn't quite understand why Julia is behaving like she is but Elmo and friends are quick to help him understand Julia's condition.

Some people really don't understand Autism. It's quite a shame when people aren't understanding of this disorder, and think all the child needs is a good smack on the ass, to get the child to listen. I don't claim to be a doctor of any kind, so I don't know all the ins and outs of the disorder. What i do know is Autism is prevalent. There is a lot more information on the disorder than there was when my first child was born. That was 22 years ago. Research has come a long way. No one really knows what causes Autism, but everyone has an opinion. Some people think vaccines are to blame. More specifically the MMR vaccine. The belief is that the vaccines and preservatives in the vaccine are the cause of children getting Autism. Here's the thing, there is no actual scientific proof, that vaccines are the cause of this disorder. Still parents are concerned so they decide not to vaccinate their child.

That is one thing that pisses me off. A parent thinks vaccines that help prevent sometimes deadly and incurable diseases, can cause autism. So, said parent chooses not to vaccinate, and in turn can harm my child or any other children, just by not getting a simple shot in the arm. Some children can't get a vaccine due to an allergy to the vaccine. That's understandable. But to simply not have your child vaccinated because you think he or she might develop autism, well then you need to have your head checked. I'd rather have my child be autistic, then to run the risk of killing them because I refuse to vaccinate.

Parents, get your fucking priorities straight. Did I piss some people off? Good. You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. All you were thinking about is having to possibly care for that child for the rest of your life. Well, if that child gets a totally preventable disease or I don't know dies, due to not getting vaccinated, then what? I know, bitch and moan about the stupid choice you made.

Now, with that being said, no one knows what causes autism. Some researchers believe that autism develops from a combination of genetic and non-genetic, or environmental, influences. It is shown that autism can in fact run in families. Gene changes can happen and that can increase the likely hood that a child will develop autism. If a parent carries one or more of the gene changes, that may get passed to their child. Environmental influences are mostly from the moms. Sorry to all the moms out there but research suggests that a child is at risk of developing autism if they have these risk factors:
1) Advanced parent age
2) Pregnancy and birth complications
3) Pregnancies spaced less than one year apart

If, and it's a big ass if, your child is diagnosed with autism, there is help out there for you. There are so many books, websites, and videos out there, dedicated to understanding this disorder. Some suggestions for helping your child and you... yes, you, make home and school life easier are:

1) Be consistent- What they learn in one environment should carry over to other environments.
2) Stick to a schedule- Children with autism need a very structured routine or schedule.
3) Reward good behavior- Positive reinforcement goes a long way with any child.
4) Create a home safety zone- All children need to feel safe. Children with autism can feel overwhelmed, so they need a place they can feel secure.
5) Look for nonverbal clues- Pay attention to the sounds, gestures and even facial expressions they make.
6) Look for motivation behind the tantrum- Usually children throw tantrums because they want something. You need to find the cause of the outburst.
7) Make time for fun- Playful learning is wonderful for all children.
8) Pay attention to your child's sensory sensitivities- Children with autism are usually super sensitive to everything, Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. You need to figure out what one of these senses triggered an outburst of disruptive behavior from your child.

Big shout out to for this helpful information.
Raising any child, autistic or not, is a rewarding experience. To watch your child grow before your eyes, into a unique individual is something every parent should cherish.

Best wishes, Michelle


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