Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One ticked off mom

Lets talk school detentions. I understand the need for it sometimes. A kid acts up repeatedly, they serve after school detention. Better yet, take away recess and make them serve detention then. Nothing gets a kid to wise up faster then not being able to play on the monkey bars. With that being said, my daughter informed me that she had to serve a hour detention and hand write out the school dress code all because she forgot to take off her non school colors sweat shirt. Yep, detention over a sweatshirt. A FUCKING SWEATSHIRT! Are you fucking kidding me??

For anyone who doesn't know, my 2 youngest kids go to private school and my middle 2 kids go to public school. ( my 2 oldest already graduated) The reason we sent only the 2 youngest to private school is because
1)  My other 2 kids are already established in their high school,
2)  The private school doesn't go past middle school anyway
3)  We wanted a better education for the younger 2, than what we were receiving in prior years.

As I was saying, my daughter informs me about having to serve this after school detention because of the sweatshirt issue. First off, What the Fuck? You as a teacher told my daughter to tell me that she had to serve detention. You by law have to inform me of detention by either email, letter or phone call and you have to notify me 24 hours prior. Telling my daughter, to tell me of her detention, is not notifying me directly. You are a teacher, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! Grow some balls and give me a call. This will give me the opportunity to call you a fucking twat over this stupid bullshit detention.

If it was a serious offense, I can see her serving detention. Seriously bad behavior is unacceptable and should have a consequence. Here's my thing though, she can't serve after school detention. Take away her recess. I'd like to note that this school has 2-3 recesses a day and my daughter is in middle school. She acts up, then take that shit away! The reason I say no after school detention is because, well, I'm busy. I usually schedule all doctor appointments and such after school because, it falls in line with our busy schedule. I don't want interrupt my children's education to go to a simple well check appointment, vision appointment or dentist visit. Plus I attend my own classes during the day, while my kids are in school, but a few of my classes are at night. Also, I'm a car pool mom. I pick up my friend's kids from school and bring them home. Like I said busy schedule.

Well, I told my daughter when she informed me about her detention, that she is not serving it. I didn't get a chance to talk to the teacher as I was first told about said detention, late at night, right before my daughter went to bed. Thanks a million, oh daughter of mine. I wanted to talk to the teacher in person about this as big girls should do. I go to pick her up from school, and of course they are holding her. Her detention hadn't even begun. That's ok because she wasn't serving that stupid shit anyway. They call her to the door and then proceed to tell me that because she didn't serve detention, it needs to be rescheduled when they come back from Spring break. I told them no the fuck it's not. She isn't serving shit, over ridiculous shit. If she commits some real horrible offenses, then we'll talk. Until then, I'm grabbing my daughter and leaving.

Once I got home, I was still irate, so I penned a little letter that is going to the school email, teacher email, a copy sent with my child to her teacher and probably a copy sent to the school by mail, just so I'm totally covered. You know, because I don't want have anything sent by word of mouth, through my daughter. I'm sure they understand that now.

This is the copy of my letter:
To who this may concern:
 First I’d like to say it’s really ridiculous that I have to write yet another letter to your school. I was informed that my daughter has to serve detention for some truly idiotic reason. Supposedly she wore the wrong colored sweatshirt in class. My understanding was this wasn’t the first time she was warned about not wearing school colors. If that was the case, why was an email, letter or phone call not sent out to inform us, the parents? If we were notified, we could have talked to her about the sweatshirt. Instead as parents, we were left out of the loop, to what was going on. So, that brings me to the next issue. The Detention! I’m shocked and confused as to why she has to stay for a hour detention and write out the school dress code rules. I understand she wore the wrong colored clothes, but honestly to penalize a child in such an extreme way, is quite frankly archaic. Do you need me to define the word? It means very old or old fashioned… By gone, outdated, behind the times. If you really needed her to serve some sort of detention, might I suggest recess? I mean really 2-3 recesses! She’s in middle school. Recess went out the door once she entered 6th grade. Need I say more about that. I don’t think so, but who knows since you seem to have singled out my daughter for every little disturbance to your school. Minor infractions are blown up to excessive proportions. She isn’t a bad child. She isn’t perfect by a long shot, but you are making her out to be the pariah of the school. I’m sick and tired of it, especially when she comes crying to me about her being bullied at school because of this stupid stuff. She told me she doesn’t want to go to school anymore because she gets picked on and feels the teachers are out to get her. Well, I can see why she feels that way. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Now, that brings me to the actual detention itself. I was informed by my daughter that she had to serve this detention. I was not informed through email, letter or phone call about her need to stay after school. I believe legally you have to give parents 24 hours notice to the parents, when their child needs to serve detention, and such detention shall not last more than 30 minutes from the time school gets out to session. So, let me break this down for you:
Parents notified on Monday that their child needs to serve detention on Wednesday after school. They are notified by either phone call, email, or letter sent home with child or through the mail.  Parent confirms back to school that the detention meets the requirements of the infraction that occurred. Parents can also have time to either make arrangements to have their child picked up after the detention or inform the school that no arrangements can be made and ask that their child stay in for RECESS!
If the child does serve the detention, it starts directly after the school session ends for no more than 30 minutes. So, example: School ends at 3:15pm. Detention starts at 3:15pm until 3:45pm.
Am I clear on that? I feel like a mother having to break things down to a child’s level. Obviously, You can see how irate I am on this issue at hand.
Now, lets move on. Parents have jobs, they go to school, they have appointments and schedules to keep. Keeping a child after school to serve a detention hinders the parents. Not every parent stays home and has the time to just wait at the school for their child to get out of an after school detention. As it was, when you tried keeping my daughter after school to serve her detention, I had my school finals to get to. I could not wait around for her to even start her detention and finish it. I could not leave and come back to pick her up since I would have been in school myself. My husband could not pick her up due to his being at work. Her grandparents were unable to pick her up as they need time to arrange their schedule. You hindered my schedule by trying to keep her after. What if I had to be to a job at 4pm? Do you think my boss would just allow me to come in late? I think not. I’d get a reprimand/ suspension/ fired.. And for what because my daughter had to serve a detention for wearing the wrong school colors. Are you going to pay for lost wages because of that? I’m going to say no, but honestly you don’t care right? It’s not your job on the line, your school grades, your lost medical appointments, etc.. You only care because you are using my daughter as an example to the other children what happens, when they don’t conform to your expectations. You are purposely singling out my daughter just because she forgot to take a sweatshirt off that was not school colors.
When I came to the doors to get her, I was told that her detention would need to be rescheduled. I’m informing you, that she will NOT, serve any type of detention due to this issue. I have appointments and my own school schedule I need to keep. That includes some of my classes that start directly after I get my kids from school. My husband was a work schedule. No, none can come pick them up if a detention is served.  We don’t have that luxury. I’m also informing you that, if my child continues to get singled out, or if she gets suspended or expelled from this school because she doesn’t serve detention, there will be legal repercussions!
No need to call, email, or send my husband and I a letter. I think I’ve made our voices abundantly clear on where we stand.
I won’t sign my salutations because frankly, this isn’t a sincerely yours letter.  So I’m simply saying
This letter is from,
2 irate parents, who are sick and tired of having to deal with ridiculous nonsense such as this.
Best wishes, Michelle 


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