Monday, April 10, 2017

New to....well.... everything

As you probably guessed, I'm fairly new at this blogging thing. Trying to understand the linguistics and all that shit is... well it's tiring. I am not an IT girl. Good thing Eric is or I'd be lost. Eventually I will get the hang of this and I'll be a pro. Any who, lets get to why I'm posting today, shall we.

I had a shitty night. I slept like shit and dreamt some crazy shit. plus my cat was a shit. Told ya, I swear. My ever so lovely man o' mine let me sleep in while he took the kiddies to school. Did I mention how awesome he is? So, currently we have only one vehicle and this kind of makes our routine crazy hectic. He lets me sleep in until he needs to get to work. Alas, dream land is no more. I know, I'm sad too. Everything is all hunky dory until I get to a meeting I set up with our local veterans office. See, I'm a college student. I recently found out that because my deceased bio dad was in the military, I should have been getting some benefits for school. Crazy right! I never knew that.

Well, I had no info to go on as my sperm donor and I were never close. So figured I'd talk to the local Veterans department. That did not turn out so well. Here's our conversation:

VA Guy: " So, when do you turn 27?"
Me: " You mean when did I turn 27, right?"
VA Guy: " OMG, You're older than 27? When Anthony ( my school advisor) and I talked, I asked if you were at least 26. He said yes."
 Me: " Uh nope. Haven't been 26 for um,, well quite a few years."
VA Guy: " I'm so sorry. Anthony must have misunderstood what I meant. 27 is the cut off for any type of dependent benefits. You came down here for nothing."
Me: " Well damn! Hey at least I found out what I don't receive."
VA Guy: " You are taking this remarkably well."
Me: " I'm built tough for all of life's shits and giggles."

After this VA guy and me parted ways.
Oh well, I just know, that I really need to study my ass off and get such awesome grades. There's a scholarship out there waiting with my name on it.

Closing note: The weather sucked ass. It rained hard core and hailed some big ole balls. It kind summed up my mood today.

Best wishes, Michelle


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