Sunday, April 16, 2017

Laundromat nightmare

Let me tell you, if I didn't need to have clothes washed, I'd avoid the laundromat altogether. Yes I own a washer and dryer. Yes, they work. Why go to the laundromat then, you ask? That's a terrific question and one I can kinda sorta answer. See my sewer has "issues". It acts like a hormonal bitch every few months. I currently can't do any laundry at home, until this issue is taken care of. It sucks donkey balls, I know.

The laundry needs to be done though. It can't wait. Usually we have certain days assigned for each member of the family to do laundry. That isn't possible when we have to deal with the sewer of PMS.
I tell each member of my family to gather up what they need for the next week, as we are embarking a trip to the laundromat. Along for the ride are my 2 youngest kids. We actually didn't have that much stuff to wash. Only 5 loads. Only??? Well yeah, there usually is more. I mean there are 8 freaking members in this household.

We pull up to the "Mat" and what do my eyes spy?? No fucking parking spots. You can't park in front the place due to no parking signs, so you have to park on the side.

As I was saying I pull around the corner and see 2 cars parked along the side of the laundromat, but you can't fucking park because they are inconsiderate twat bags. These 2 cars took up what could have been 3 or 4 spaces. I wanted to key the cars so bad, but I refrained. I'm joking of course... Come on, I'm not that bad. Sheesh.

If I would have parked behind the last car, then the tail end of my car would have hung over into the street. If I parked in front of the lead car, then the front end of my car would have been hanging over someone's driveway.

I had a choice to make, so I decided to over hang in someones driveway to unload our stuff and then park all the way down the street. Really, this business should get their heads out of their asses and make it easier on us consumers.

Here's a short video of my predicament.

The kids and I enter the premises and there is one guy doing some laundry, but guess what? He took up damn near every single washing machine. Even I don't have that many clothes! I'm thinking to myself, "WTF?" I'm able to find exactly 5 machines not being used.
My kids loaded the clothes into the machines, added the detergent, the money and chose the wash cycle that was needed. Yes, I let them do that, because why the hell not? They have to learn sometime. Besides they do laundry at home, they can do it here too.

30 minutes later the laundry is done, but so is this other guy's too. Here's the kicker his stuff got done washing about 5 minutes before mine. I wasn't really paying attention to him fully as I was texting my husband about the parking issue. Yes, it was that serious.... To me. I go to take my clothes out of the washer and turn to put them into the dryer and there none available. This motherfucker took up every last fucking dryer available. Now I'm furious. You have no idea how bad I wanted to say something, but I checked myself because my kids were there.

 It was decided, my dryer works so, we were going to dry everything at home. Laundry mat guy can keep filling his precious machines.
I went to get my car to pull back up to the "Mat" so we could load up. Fortunately, I found parking on the opposite side of the street after someone had moved their car. We load up our wet baskets of clothes and drive home to continue our laundry foray.

I learned a lesson here. Don't do laundry at the little neighborhood "mat". If ever, I need laundry done, I'm going to the massive laundromat or better yet, go to my mom's house and do it. Nothing is better than doing your laundry at home.

Best wishes, Michelle


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