Sunday, April 16, 2017

Edible Easter Baskets

Easter is here! I loved filling my kids Easter baskets to the brim with candy and toys when they were younger. They are getting older and wised up to the fact the Easter Bunny is not real. Not real, you say.. Nope... If you still believe, kudos to you. I happen to live in the real world, were mom or dad is the magical Easter Bunny.
Be that as it may, my kids still like getting an Easter basket, even if it isn't filled to the brim any more. I wanted to do something fun this year and steer away from the traditional frilly baskets of old.
Here comes good ole Pinterest to save the day! My search turned up Easter Baskets that are edible. That's right. Completely edible, except the grass of course.
Now, that I knew what I was going to make, I set out on a mission. Now, where to shop for the items I need. I know! Walgreen's!!! My lifesaver to the rescue! Walgreen's has a whole bin dedicated to just the right size boxes of candy. I really wish I would have thought to take a picture. These bad boys are exactly the same size, as the candy they sell at the movie theater. Just cheaper..... Way way cheaper... ( hint, hint ) The candy was 4/$4. Yes, a dollar each. You had to buy the candy in quantities of 4, because if you didn't they sold for individual prices, which were about 20 cents more. See, I know a deal when I see one. Plus I needed 4 of each box, so it was a win win situation.
Let me tell you.. I stocked up!

Depending on how many baskets you need to make, your item total will vary.

Items needed:
At least 4 boxes of movie theater size candy boxes
Licorice rope
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Cardboard box ( will be used to cut to size needed )
Pencil or pen
Easter Grass
Colored eggs ( optional )

I bought 4 boxes of Skittles, 4 boxes of Bottle-caps, 4 boxes of Whoppers, 4 boxes of Air Heads, 4 Boxes of Mike and Ike, 4 Boxes of Swedish fish and 4 boxes of Sour Patch Kids. I need some thing to make the handle, so in my basket went 4 Nerds covered Licorice Ropes. You will need hot glue for the project. I was unsure if I had any left after my last project, so I decided to buy some just in case.

Once, I got home, set to work. A few of the boxes are of different sizes, so trying to find the right combo was a bit of trial and error. Here's what combination I came up with.

As you can see, I only used 4 boxes to make my outline of the baskets. Yes, I over bought, but that's fine. It was a trial and error process and the candy won't go to waste.
The boxes need to be hot glued, in such a way, that the bottom can sit firm on a counter. This a process of patience because you have to line up the boxes just so, while making sure your hot glue doesn't dry to quickly.

When the boxes are complete, they then need to completely dry for about 15 minutes. This allows the the boxes to hold their shape. After the boxes are dried, you then need to affix a bottom. I was going to use the extra candy boxes, but the size of them were all wrong. I decided on a cardboard bottom.
I placed my cardboard down and put the candy box shape right on top. Then I traced around the shape.

 When I had my outline, I cut it out with scissors. You can use a razor blade if you have it though.
The cardboard needs to be hot glued to the bottom of your basket. If you have any over hang of cardboard, you can just trim off the excess. The glue needs to dry, so wait about 15 minutes to ensure a good hold.
Now it's time to glue our handle. Add a little bit of hot glue to the inside of the basket close to the top. Take one end to the licorice rope and attach it to the glue.. Repeat on other side of basket, bending the licorice as you go, to make your handle. Let dry for another 15-20 minutes.

Fill with Easter grass, and more candy. Then watch your kids eyes light up when they realize they can eat the basket too!

Enjoy, I know my kids did!
Happy Easter!!


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