Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dying with Cool Whip

Easter is just around the corner and being the busy mom that I am, I forgot about dying Easter eggs. I know! How can I forget an important thing like that????.... Well fear not. I came through for my kiddos. Instead of dying our Easter eggs in the typical water/vinegar/ food coloring solution, I decided to try my hand at coloring with cool whip.
I had heard about coloring with shaving cream, but wasn't feeling it. I mean, what if one of my kids decides to do something idiotic and taste it. Talk about yuck. My kid would never want to dye eggs ever again. With that in mind, I searched on Pinterest to see if using cool whip would work. Low and behold, it is something moms have tried. Hey, if they can do it, so can I!!!
Following the suggestions of the site I was on, I gathered up my items and got to work.

Hard boiled eggs
Disposable gloves
Big bowls
Paper Towels
Food dye/coloring
Cool whip

Make sure to cover the surface of your table because I'm not going to lie, this stuff will stain. Hence my saying you need disposable gloves. You wanted to spread the cool whip in your pan into a mostly even layer. Make sure you have your gloves on.

Add your favorite colors in sections. Go ahead and swirl a few sections together for a really neat marble effect.

Once you have your colored cool whip ready, it's time to add the eggs.
My kids thought it would be cool to just drop the eggs into the pans. I'd advise against that. The eggs will break and the cool whip can splatter.
When they realized momma wasn't having it, they settled down and started to gently place the eggs into the cool whip mixture.

You need to make sure the eggs are adequately covered. Aren't you glad I suggested gloves? My kids dove right into the mess. They loved it.
After all the eggs are in your pans and covered with the cool whip mix, they then need to sit in the mix for about 15 minutes.

Ding! Eggs are ready to be rinsed off with water and put in what ever container you choose.

I personally choose to reuse the egg carton they came in.

And there you have it. Eggs dyed with cool whip and they turned out better than I expected.

Best wishes, Michelle


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