Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Construction season is upon us

Anyone who is from Wisconsin knows we don't really have 4 seasons here. Our seasons are Winter and Construction. You may be laughing at this and thinking this lady is crazy... Or you could be from Wisconsin, shaking your head and laughing because you totally get this.

Now I know roads do need to be fixed, but I swear it seems like the same roads are being worked on left and right. The reason I say this is because I can drive down certain roads and it's pothole city. The roads are all broken up and not an easy drive. Your car can easily be doing a few jumping jacks and swerving to avoid breaking an axle due to potholes. I decided it would be fun to just take some pics of area road construction.

So when does construction end?

Honestly it was the highlight of my week due to my being on Spring Break. So much so, that after my last day of the semester I took a video of some construction down the street from my house.

Sorry for the static
I wonder if they will let me do some road construction to keep me occupied. Who knows I might do a better and faster job, because after all I am a mom. And moms can handle any job put in front of them.

Best wishes, Michelle


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